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Originally Posted by Hobbes1911 View Post
I'm a bit confused. Do you have all those shrimp in this tank? If so, the cardinal shrimp isn't going to make it long. They need hard, alkaline water. Quite the opposite of what ADA soil will make. Read up on sulawesi shrimp, specifically cardinals!

Really?? Oh no... I don't want to lose the little guy. He's one of my favourite things in there!

Yes, I currently have 3 shrimps in my tank. Red cherry, blue tiger and the cardinal.

So far the cardinal dude seems to be happy. If he has survived this far do you think he'll just make it and adapt to my water or eventually it'll just kill him one day?

I'd appreciate any advice or tips that you could share in regards to what I can do so he'll live a very happy and long life in my tank

Thank you for bringing it up. I shall do my research.
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