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150 gallon that is 31" deep and want to grow plants

hey guys im here from the angelfish forum and looking for answers on plans to do plants in a 150 gallon that is sort of deep 31" deep to be exact

i have figured that i would like to use filter sand and organic miracle grow soil and cap the soil with the sand unless anyone can disagree to this...

i am having lighting questions mostly, i am coming from a 45 gallon unplanted with lots of plastic crap lol i am wanting to brighten up the tank use some real driftwood and get some earthy green realistic tones in the tank

i am looking for any plants i can grow for as cheaply as possible i have a dual light that is high output with the purple and white bulb in there i am wondering if i am going to need more light as i know i am falling below the 1 watt per gallon but don't know how much more light i need and don't want to overbuy

if you could pair my lighting situation with a couple plants ill be golden even.if you tell me that your only saving grace to grow plants is anacharis
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