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it is not enough to START the bowl. I used a 13W CFL bulb back when i started, and i used it for more than 1 year. that gave the plants plenty of light to grow in lush and a little too crazy. Then I swapped to a display light - the IKEA one. Comparatively it is very dim, but it's enough to keep plants alive. moss and other things grow slowly. Its a good light to set the pace for an already full planted bowl.

However if you only use moss, java fern and maybe some other very low light stuff, then this light is good enough. keep in mind its only 1W of LED, so that equals very roughly only slightly more than 1 wpg of standard lighting (LEDs output slightly more light than equivalent wattage florescent) It goes even less if you have floaters (which you should have) and tall plants blocking the light to plants below them.
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