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The goal of this journal is to keep track of progress on my 20g long DIY project I am starting. This is my first time trying to set up a planted aquarium but I have been keeping fish since I was a child. My nature is to try and build things myself so that I can learn how they work(or don't) and educate myself through hands-on projects.

I would like to discuss these projects with anyone interested in following along and will openly brainstorm in the thread prior to each part of the build. I plan on taking massive amounts of pictures(with help from my wife) and showing others how I built each project.

The Tank:
Here it is, sitting patiently in the corner. It is not the tanks turn to be featured in this project yet. Soon.

The Vision:
DIY Canister Filter Cerges' Reactor style
DIY Pressurized Co2 fed through the filter
Living planted DIY background/sump wall to hide tank equipment and help filter
DIY CFL light hood with an upgrade to LEDs when I learn more about building them
Sand/gravel capped MGOCPM
Driftwood and Rocks

The Plants:
?????? I am really new to this aspect. I have a little bit of Java Moss and some Java Fern I traded some guppies for at my LFS (thanks Mike!) I am kind of hoping if I do a good enough job documenting the DIY projects I might make some RAOK friends. If not, I will need to build up some trade bait.

The Fish:
I have a dozen Gold Tetras that are currently sharing a 46g tank with a pair of juvenile angel fish. After I setup and cycle the tank I will introduce them slowly and add some support fish such as otos and corys.

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