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Looking for plants in Charlotte/Huntersville!

I'm brand new here and fairly new to the planted aquarium world. I have a very basic 5 gallon with a betta and a snail, something of a practice tank to see if I really want to get into this world. Dipping my toes in it, so to speak. I've had betta's for the past 7-8 years and love them dearly, and adding plants to his tank makes me all that happier to have them. Wow, listen to me rant. Anyway, i'm having trouble finding the plants I want from stores without them being rotted and or covered in questionable things. :C

Things I need: BASIC and EASY plants, as I have a low light tank, FREE would be great (super great), and cheap would be almost as great! Small, medium would take up too much space but i'm really not picky.

Things I already have: Medium "free roam" anubias plant, small anubias on a rock with java moss under it, and a java fern, small driftwood. Going to eventually have eco-complete, and then a better 'daylight' lightbulb.

Things I want: Anacharis!! Duckweed, oh my gosh I would love a small clutch of duckweed, Marimo ball/anything, any time of moss on a matt.

If you have anything else that is easy to take care of and want to get rid of, hit me up! You can message me or post here, though my responses might be a little slow.

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