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Originally Posted by thebuddha View Post
looks awesome! and damn, thats some nice carpentry

cant wait to see a finished product
Thank you. By this weekend or beginning of next week I should be updating this with some stand and canopy updates. Things should be moving along good now that I am feeling better etc. Thanks again.

Originally Posted by Acro View Post
I want to quickly say that this tank is great!
I will be back later to post some plant ideas that you asked for.
Also, what type of turtles are you keeping? How many in that tank?
Be back in a bit, if I haven't posted by the weekend, message me a reminder.
So far we only have two and probably will just have 2. One is a Yellow Belly and the other is a Eastern painted. And thank you for the comment and for the future plant ideas!

Originally Posted by lochaber View Post
If you aren't looking for something specific, just head over to a nursery/greenhouse, or even Lowes/Home Depot. Pothos is a classic, most of the ivy varieties (houseplant type) will do well, and I've also used creeping fig (may not do well *in* the water to start, but will eventually put roots into it). Peace lilies do well in wet/swampy conditions. while it won't do great at the water level, rabbit's foot fern will grow pretty well over wood/rocks. If you see something you like, give it a try, a lot of the common houseplants are pretty durable. though, anything touching the water is going to end up as turtle snacks.

I'd just make sure there isn't anything immediately nearby that could be harmed (warp, delaminate, mold/mildew, etc.) by the humidity from the tank.
Yes I thought about that myself. We have faux blinds right behind the tank so they might get damaged, I will keep an eye on the walls as well! But I am in the home improvement business and I do know how to fix all that, still don't want to have to fix it and don't want mold, but time will tell! Thanks for all the plant suggestions, appreciate it. We got the plants that are in there now from HD, and my wife loves the peace lilies so she will be very happy to hear that! Thanks again for your feedback.

Will be posted some pics we just took with the fogger on, when I shut down the day lights Ill take some pics of the moon lights on with the fog...freaky kind of look but awesome!

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