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Originally Posted by sub-80 View Post
I meant the cheaply priced regulators where you can get a dual guage regulator with solenoid value for $100-$170.
I would avoid those "all in one" packages (usually made in China, etc...)

Some people have OK luck with them, others, not so much so.

Originally Posted by sub-80 View Post
They use BS standard connections here. Can't find a solenoid valve here of metering needle here will probably order online. Any recommendations? Solenoid dependable one. Metering needle to improve the accuracy of the C mode.
There are some good solenoid valves and metering valves online, but they all use NPT standard.

You will need the needle/metering valve at the very least. A solenoid can be handy if you want the CO2 on a timer/pH controller.


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