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Decisions, decisions...

I wanted Discus a while back - Not sure I want test my plants ability to deal with the warmer water (aside from finding homes for the other fish that can't tolerate the warmer temps)

Help me choose one of the below:
  1. 10 Neon Rainbow fish?
  2. 15 more cardinals? (I may do this anyway)
  3. 6 Peacock Gudgeons? (Just saw these for the first time and wow)
  4. 4 more cherry barbs?

Edit: currently the tank's residents include 4 cherry barbs, small school of Pencilfish, small school of cardinals, 2 cory sterbai, 3 otos, 3 apistogramma, and a partridge in a pair tree... /Edit

Any other recommendations? I love schooling fish but I think something personality would be nice.
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