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Ok just an update on my situation now. I had what looked to be black brush algae on my plants and a little blue/green algae on my substrate. I removed all BGA off of dirt by syphoning. I removed most of the infected leaves that had BBA manually. I scrubbed all sides of glass. As I was pruning the infected leaves from all my plants, I placed them in a solution of water and Excel for about 5 minutes and then placed them back into the tank. I raised my lighting fixture about double the height it was before and also cut back the lighting period 1 hour, now the lights are on 7 hours out of the day. I also will cut back on dosing my dry ferts. I was dosing potassium and all that on Mon, Wed, Fri and Trace Tues, Thurs, Sat then doing a water change on Sundays. I will change that routine to Potassium, ect. on Tues, Thurs and Trace on Wed, Friday with very small water changes (too pick up poo) being done on Sunday. I also added 5 more Oto Catfish, 1 Molly, and I am still looking for some Nerite Snails and Amano Shrimp to add. The shrimp may be eaten by the ram and Angels, so I may stay away from the shrimp.

I am hoping this works and I will keep the thread updated.

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