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Originally Posted by m4s4mur4 View Post
Welcome to the fish tank world. I'm glad you started off with a 29 instead of a 10 because those things can't hold anything. I noticed you don't do enough water changes. Those should be weekly rather than monthly. I don't think you mentioned cycling your tank. That's an important process that develops the tanks "good bacteria" nonetheless it has already begun. About filters and lighting, like tank size that's an area you really don't want to skimp on because they will be your limiting factor to your plants and fish. Once you get comfortable with this tank there's plenty to learn on this forum.

Oh and your pH issue. You don't really want to add powders or chemicals to adjust the pH. But adding certain materials, I forget which, to your filter and/or gravel. Over time they will buffer your pH.
Thank you very much.

I have only done one water change so far and will be doing another one this weekend. Should i continue to do 5 gallon water changes weekly or do i need to change more water?

I have been using RO water from the pet shop.
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