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Okay, here is the update for 1-29-13!!

FTS and side view

As you can see, the water is crystal clear and algae non-existent
You can also see all that vacant space, which was once filled with rotalas. I am going to try again with rotalas. This time with experience and knowledge of how to plant them

Crypt Green finally growing as I wanted it to. The only problem is that it is not getting the vibrant green that I want, but we'll see what will become of this.

Crypt Tropica. Normal and growing properly

The glosso after the trim is recovering REALLY FAST; so many new leaves and finally horizontal runners

The hemianthus was really healthy this time:

As you can see, I temporarily removed the wood. The reason is that the nails which supported the wood from falling wasn't stainless steel, so it rusted. I will tie a stone this time to the wood to anchor it.

Just a nice angle

Just as a side information, I currently spend about 4 hours a week on this. Most of it is just the water change, trimming doesn't take to long.

My next project: Build a DIY surface skimmer and start my EMMERSED PLANT "FARM"!!!!!!!

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