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Has the soil substrate been used already or its new?

Originally Posted by gtu2004 View Post
Since there are a lot of interest for smaller packages, the updated price is:

Hagen Elite Submersible 200W heater (for 35-55G tanks. Adjustable from 70-84 degree) new in box $12
Hagen Elite Submersible 300W heater (for 55-70G tanks. Adjustable from 70-84 degree) new in box $14

Grade: from A/S/S+ to SS.
Sources: EKLiu, ramawo, Jorge Burrito, deviltiger and a couple others I believe
Price:CBS: 4-5 A/S/S+ and 2-3 SS ---------$2.50 each for A/S/S+, $4 each for SS

Grade: Mixed grade. Some are low grade blue rillis that I wanted to add in for genetic diversification purpose.
Sources: Ohbaby714, inspiredram
Price:Rillis 0.25-0.5" $1 each (min 5)

Tangerine Tigers:
Grade: As far as I know there aren't grades for tangerine tigers. They are awesome looking though, and provides good contrast with red neos. Very easy to breed as well.
Sources: Ohbaby714 and Jorge Burrito
Price:1 for $6, 6 for $34, 10 for $55

I will have for sale two 20 gallon longs with a double stand, one 20 gallon high, bunch of sponge filters, powerhead, substrates (like 50lbs of eco complete, eco-complete mixed with aquasoil, fluval shrimp stratum), plants (subwassertang, mosses, etc), driftwood, shrimp food, IALs, cholla wood and random stuff in the coming weeks/months once the shrimps are gone.

I'm located in midtown Manhattan, by Penn Station.
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