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45 litre iwagami minimalist

Okay so tomorrow I'm picking up a rimless 50x30x30cm tank second hand for $10

About all I have worked out already is some Gary stones from my local creek

And my aquasoil from my 150 litre tank

This will most likely be a hi tech tank as this is replacing my 150 litre as I would go back to a smaller tank so it cost nothing fert wise

I'm planning on grabbing a fluval 106 for a filter and using my existing cerges reactor might order a smaller one or an atomic diffuser

Also seeming this is a rimless tank I was thinking about making a light stand and hanging my next light system

I'm thinking of making a surround from either acrylic or polished alloy sheet so I basically have a reflector and housing in one and running a few LEDs from my old build

Albeit with a lot less of the 3w diodes

Thinking using the 2 10w's and 3 of the 3 wats around each of the 10w LEDs on a new heatsink and then build the surround around that with a fan

And possibly seeing if I can get a similar look to the Ada solar 1 light that I like the look of
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