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The arch contains Bacopa- Caroliniana(?). The other "tree" is some form of Ludwigia. I am looking for a small leafy type slow grower to replace the wisteria on the other, like petite anubias. The wisteria is hard to shape in a 10 gallon, and the leaves get too big and obnoxious, but the "florette" tops work until I get it together.
When Autumn comes around again, might do the trees up with red/orange/yellow/pink plant species.
I noticed something kinda different. The fish tend to follow the slate walkway in a straight line, under the arch, and sometimes in pairs. They look like they are attending a wedding or event. You can sorta see it in the photo, although they are only fry. I thought it was a coincidence at first, but they seem compelled to do it.
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