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Really nice testing Shalu. Just to make a point about cheap, I bought a Shoplight (the brand) from Home Depot that has an electronic ballast and burns two 48", T8 bulbs (32 watts each). This cost $7.50. After reading the article, I did a search for electronic ballasts on the internet, and the lowest price I found for a 2 bulb, T-8 32 watt was $5.66. With shipping, not worth it. So I just bought another Shoplight, cannibalized the ballast, and hooked it to the orignal shoplight, overdriving both bulbs 2X. This is one bright aquarium light! It's definitely brighter than my 2x55 watt AH supply bright kit. It was very easy to hook up. Just two small holes drilled in the shop light to bolt in the ballast. No extra wire needed, or even any connectors. All that were needed were already in the Shoplight. Even the holes to plug the two wires in are already on the bulb end caps.

I was worried about heat, but the light is still much cooler than the AH kit, and I can grab the light anywhere without fearing it will be too hot to handle.
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