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So, about to do a little remodeling, stay tubed for pictures!

And while your waiting, heres a few videos i took!

Heres me feeding the fry tank, a little less action than i usually get, but this was after id already fed them that morning. Also, you can spot some of my apples, and theres a closer look at my 'sick' plants, or plants im trying to grow out.

Heres a vid, hopefully showing all my gups..and my cories! I hope i got all of them in the video! Theres a shot of one of the otos, but you can glimpse them throughout the videos..

Here is one of my favorite fish, hes such a character! It starts out as a guppy/cory vid, but Bristlenose decided this video should be about him! Then he promptly says goodbye! I shouldve kept filming, cause right after i stopped, my other pleco came out! But thats the next video!

Heres Rubbernose, snuffling around the sand, looking for NLS pellets[ both plecos LOVE them] and he gets frustrated he cant find any, and settles for angrily sucking on some zucchini. My favorite part about Rubbernose is when he 'chews'. He lifts his little head, and it looks like hes chewing! Gives me a giggle every time. He does it a bit when hes 'sniffing' out pellets...Enjoy!

Now off to get my arms wet!

50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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