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I've been doing water changes premixing 1/2 teaspoon each of Seachem equilibrium, Alkaline Buffer, and Acid Buffer in a 5 gallon carboy and aerating overnight to thoroughly mix. This gives me a pH of 6.7, KH of 3 degrees, and GH of 2 degrees for my makeup water. Changing about 5 gallons a day on 14 gallon tank. German Blue Ram seems to be more vibrant and better appetite ( could just be the daily water change), but HC, and Flame Sword are instantaneously growing at a much faster rate. Is it normal for well water to be so acidic and devoid of KH and GH- I would have thought the complete opposite. I live in Maryland about a hundred yards from the Chesapeake Bay and my soil is pretty sandy is that has any effect. Just curious if anyone has any insight. Thanks.
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