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Lots of updates!

First and most importantly I looked at the tank tonight and will be buying it! Going to pick it up tomorrow, super psyched! The total cost was $125 for stand and tank, and in addition I won't have to purchase a versa glass top as I originally thought. The tank comes with glass pieces for on top. In addition the heater, filter, and a couple Seachem chemicals will be arriving in the mail tomorrow. While I've saved myself some good money here, this has moved the project officially to 75g from 55g and I'm increasing the budget by $50 accordingly. If the savings continue as planned that allows me more for fish and plants.

After work today I also picked up a few things at Lowe's ($13) to hang the light, as I wanted that to be done before the tank was in the way if possible. GF and I decided to re-arrange the room a bit prior to the tank moving in. Turned a dresser that will run parallel with the tank and create a false wall impression. Between the tank and the dresser on left 2.5 feet will remain allowing us to get behind to a storage area and to easily access things on the back of and behind the tank.

75g Journal:
29g Journal:
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