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Originally Posted by MABJ View Post
They're well built, have high clarity glass and very sleek.

Kinda like buying an iPad over an Acer tablet.

My mosses range from fissidens to mini pellia to mini Xmas. I just let them do their thing.

I'm big on finding a good balance between lights stocking and plant types so minimal maint is achieved.

The waste becomes all the ferts I need.
You couldn't have put it any better. I heard in the newer tanks, the glass doesn't have that slight green tinge and its super duper clear.

I love that about mosses. However, I noticed the mosses that I have that are in shady parts tend to die off. The ones that get light seem to be doing very well. So I'll just plant a few Anubias' in the shadowy areas.

I didn't know that waste could become ferts. I remember seeing people taking their gravel vac and sucking up every bit of whatever was in the gravel, completely. I guess when you think about it, it's like cow poop, goes back as fertiliser.
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