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More field observations on power consumption

Hi All, my first post.

This is a great thread that got me working on my personal OD project, which I just completed.

This weekend, I retrofitted a similar setup and got some results that seem to back up the original findings in this thread.

The set up is:

1 - Advance REL-4P32-SC (4x32W)
3 - Philips T8 48" Daylight 6500K bulbs in the following configuration:
1st bulb - normal output (1 lead)
2nd bulb - normal output (1 lead)
3rd bulb - overdrive 2x (2 leads)

Due to way the hood is set up, the wiring is permanent, so I can only test according to the on/off combinations above by removing or adding bulbs.

Using the kill-a-watt device (which I love), I got the following wattage consumption measurements:

a) No bulbs installed: 5 watts
b) Only 1 NO bulb: 40 watts
c) Only the 2xOD bulb: 54 watts
d) Both NO bulbs: 66 watts
e) One NO and the 2xOD: 80 watts
f) All three bulbs: 102 watts

With all three bulbs on, the 2xOD bulb is noticibly brighter. Unfortuntely, I don't have any light measuring equipment, so that desciption is as scientific as it's gonna get. Thats a shame b/c while the 2xOD is brighter, I don't know if the 2xOD brighter b/c of pure additional lighting, or if it was somehow stealing something from the other bulbs and making them dimmer.

The ballast was plugged into the kill-a-watt device, which in turn was plugged directly into a wall socket.

Any comments, questions or suggestions?

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