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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
Can we get a plant list Kiran?
Yeah, sure man!

-Hydrocotyle sp.
-Hemianthus micranthemoides
-Ludwigia palustris 'red'
-Dwarf hairgrass
-Pogostemon stellatus 'narrow leaf'
-Didiplis diandra
-Rotala colorata
-Bacopa sp.
-Alteranthera reinkii
-Unknown crypt
-Unknown narrow leaf variant (maybe some sort of Rotala)
-Unknown hygro

I'll try to get some IDs on the unidentified plants.

Originally Posted by shrimpnmoss View Post
That looks sweet as heck Kiran!...did I spell it right this time? I thought it was looking a bit messy for a while, but man this looks great after this last trim. Toss some Fire Reds in there. Cheap, looks great, pops against the green...and you won't be too bummed if they don't make it.

As long as you have a can always enter a competition later.
Thanks Howard! Yep, you got it! I too thought it was messy, which is why I contemplated the idea of tearing it down and restarting, but boy, am I glad that I kept it up!

I don't think that I'll go with PFRs, mostly because I keep them in all of my other tanks... I kind of want to toss it up and take advantage of the fact that I can house a new type of shrimp in this tank.

And good point on the photos for contests. Right now I'll be focusing on making the scape even better so I can get the best, most accurate photos of the tank in its prime as possible.

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