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Originally Posted by Drewsplantednutz View Post
Nice, yeah im the idiot that has the address and number in hand but still drives somewhere without calling to see if theyre open. Ill be in the store next weeekend to check it out, as my tank is cycling now. So while I have you here, im looking for CPDs or Galaxy Rasboras and Apisto cichlids for my new setup, do you guys keep any in stock?
mickmac247 is correct, I'm there pretty much every Saturday and some Sundays (was there yesterday but will not be at the store next Sunday)

I'm actually putting a small order together right now

I have one lone female (or really depressed male) apisto in stock. (not sure the species, found her in a tank full of tetras on Saturday, she came with us from Boston last summer.) I moved her to a smaller tank where I'm hoping to get a better look, she was in a tank that was too close to the floor for easy viewing.

I should have new CPD's in this week, but I won't know how good they are until Saturday (sometimes they arrive fat-n-sassy and sometimes they are a bit small and need to be fattened up before they show good color )

I see Apisto agassizii, A. cacatuoides, and A. "neon blue" on the available sheet this week, but I wasn't planning on getting any at them moment. I can usually also get A. boreli but none are available this week. They (borelli) are one of my faves and once they become available I was going to sneak a few pair into our plant "table" tanks.

ah, what the heck, I'll order a few cockatoos - I haven't had them in stock in ages.

I've also got some nice kribs in stock - both standard and the "red" strain.
My eventual plan is to have at least one type of apisto, one type of ram (locally bred not mass produced) and one "other" dwarf in stock as part of our regular offerings. (the local rams should be here in mid-to-late Feb).

I don't know if you ever visit the BAS website, but we are now posting our sales, specials, and new arrivals there.
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