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Another perspective

Like many others, I know the experience of waiting for way too long for service at the AC. However, I cheerfully drive past numberous other pet stores and a few other aquarium specialty stores for a chance to wait patiently at this place. This is a well named store, because it really is the center of the aquarium universe for folks in the greater Baltimore metro area. I was in there last Sunday, 10 minutes before closing, and the place was packed, with more people arriving right up to last minute. At 10:00 on any Saturday morning, there is always a line waiting for the store to open. You can decide for yourself what would cause so many folks to flock to a particular fish store. I'll tell you why I go. First, I love being surround by so many different people all drawn to the same place by their mutual interest in our hobby. This place is the United Nations of fish keeping. Next, I find a greater variety of plants and fish at this store than any other that I've been to. Finally, I get down to earth, pratical advise from people who are not "fish snob". If you don't want to wait in line, stop by on a work day afternoon. If you want great advise about a planted aquarium, talk to Gloria. Whatever you do, don't tell her I sent you. She is already busy enough.
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