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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post

I'm telling you that you can use whatever media you like in your filter.

Visit if you want illustrated guides for layering ideas.

People generally start with the most course layer on the bottom and have the finest layer on the top.
The problem for me, without any experience in canister filters, is that "using whatever media I like" is meaningless to me. I don't have a base of knowledge here to start from. Thanks anyhow though.

The only guide on I can find is the one I link to in the OP. Seems like they just stole the graphic.

For example, I use about 2 inches of ceramic rings in my 2213, then a blue coarse filter pad followed by substrat-pro for the remainder of the volume. I use this on a tank without much solid waste and it works just fine. (Main purpose being biological filtration.)
Hmm, OK.

So as far as their scrub sponges go, could they replace both layers I described in the OP? It seems like that would work from what I'm reading.

Bascially, it looks like from here:

I need something to replace the mechanical and biological layers. I'm guessing I can use the scrubbie sponge to at least replace the mechanical.
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