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Hagen Glo T5 Questions.....

Hi I've been looking at the charts and info on here so first of all thanks for all the good information :-)

I have a Hagen Glo T5HO Lighting and have in there 1 x Dennerle Trocal T5 Longlife Special Plant + 1 Color Plus bulb.

I've only realised after reading this thread they are not HO bulbs but LO (i think) :-(

My tank size is 12" in height and judging by the chart if the light unit is sitting on top of the tank this will give me around 65 par? The chart doesn't say whether these are for HO or NO bulbs though?

Can someone tell me the best use for this fixture in terms of bulbs and height from substrate please? I am looking to be in the high light category.

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