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Want to DIY a co2 reg

Hey everyone. I want to DIY a co2 regulator... Originally I was looking into getting an aquatek co2 regulator, but then I reminded myself that I am doing things right on this tank... not just going for what's cheap.

Here's my dilemma..... I have no idea what to look for for the main regulator body. I've tried looking online, and have found a fair bit of information, but I just can't seem to figure it all out.

What's the benefit of dual stage over single?

Should I be looking out for specific brand names?

What is a reasonable price for the regulator body if purchased used on ebay?

I see a lot of regs that are for oxygen, or acetylene, or other welding purposes... Are those usable for this? or does it have to be specifically a co2 regulator?

I just have not had a ton of luck finding this stuff in my searches, so I'm really hopeful that maybe this thread will serve as a benefit to me, and anyone else that wants to DIY a regulator for a compressed co2 system instead of buying a pre-built.

Thanks for any and all replies!
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