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Blooms and such! =D

So, my aponogetons have been mad!
And my banana plant finally shot up a viable lily pad, so i figured id share these with you guys!

This is the start of the flower, unusual, but i see the beauty in them. =]

These blooms are from my aponogeton d., that i grew from petsmart bulbs. =]

Heres another shot, with the lily pad, curled in the back! It hadnt fully opened yet..

And heres one of the lilly pad!

[[ill have to put that one in later!]]

And my massive aponogeton ulvaceus is blooming as well! Three times!

Thats the first one, about two weeks old now? Im not sure hoe long they last under the water, but well see...

The second bloom, started a little wonky, but grew huge!

And the third bloom, big as ever!

As far as i know, my apono wont go dormant, only some species of the plant do, and ulvaceus isnt one of them..not sure of diatchyon though.

Either way, lots of flowers, all at the same time! Whoo! =]

50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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