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Haha! It is! Especially since the tank is so big, and they are so small, and theres only five...they dont swim like other fish. they stop, and slowly pivot, so you cant really tell their there. then they dart about, and freeze, and inspect whatever. They are very interesting fish!
From what i understood, nano fish are different, as they are so small. The tank being so planted also makes a difference, i believe.
The guppy fry are temporary, and one of the ADF will be moved to a different tank.

My wierd guppies..They are gups that i raised, in one of my first batches, from my original nine. Their all silver, with a dark streak through their eye. In most direct light, they have a nice purple sheen to their scales. One is male and one is female, and they never stray from each other. They are always together, one following the other, neither one seems to be dominant. The female is much bigger than the male, and he has an obvious gonopodium. I believe they are sterile, because ive had them in a few tanks alone with each other, on account that they are nippers, and ive never had any fry in those tanks.
I dunno where they came from, and they are trouble makers, but i like

50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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