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Originally Posted by VJVentrella View Post
I did alot of reading on this and i havent heard anything about that...wont the change from 7.9 to 6.9 be harmfull to my fish? Also when i do a water change the water will jump back up to 7.9
You could mix half RO with tap and your Ph would stay about 6.6 or so RO is 5.1 ph tap 7.9.

Also if you dose heavy co2 while doing your water change that could eliminate any ph swings , I have a ph probe in the water (connected to my ph controller) so I know exactly what the ph is the whole time im doing the water change if the ph starts to go up I just stop adding water until it comes back down to where I want it.

Depends on what your KH is coming out of your tap though.

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