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I found the Least Killies! It was like a Where's Waldo contest - lol

I'm interested in your weird guppies - what makes them so different?

Lots of good projects started, and the bedside tank is wonderfully lush, but am I reading this right? It's a 15g tank, and it's going to be stocked with this;
5x least killifish
5x 2-3 week old guppy fry
2x African Dwarf frog
2x RCS
Soon to add:
6x sparkling gourami
6x celestial pearl danios
and ill be gathering up a few more shrimp from my other tanks as well

I'm no expert, but that sounds like far too much for a 15 to me. I'd be interested to know what those with more knowledge/experience than me say...

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