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Fry tank, and Bathroom Tank, and my Bedside tank!!

So, you guys know i have guppies, so that means i have fry! Tons of fry...So many. The numbers on my last batches are crazy! In october, there was 98, that i caught. November was lost to an ich outbreak, brought in by a sick fish. December was 57. But Janurary...So far, im at 183!
There are still fry in the tank!
I only have two fry tanks right now, a ten gallon and a 2.5! And the ten gallon already had Decembers batch in i dumped twenty or so in the 2.5 that was supposed to be for growing algae rocks for my otos. I netted out the yellow fry, a few of the darkest fry, a couple of the biggest, and added those to the 10 gallon, and the rest i had to add to my goldfish tank.
I couldent look until two days later, and saw nothing..I felt horrible, but what was i supposed to do? I definitely had a surplus of babies!
A couple of days later i happened to see flashes of silver in the tank after the lights were off..goldies were drifting aimlessly, dozing, but all along the bottom of the tank were tiny guppy fry! Im guessing they hide in the dense plastic plant grids i made, and come out at night..Little survivors. =]

Anyways, sorry for being long winded, but heres the ten gallon fry tank, nothing spectacular, easy to clean, kind of a plant recovery tank as well as apple snail breeding den. Yep, theres seven apples in there, two known female, one other possible female, three male and one unknown.
[[Ive had three successfull egg clutches, and have juvie apples from each in my tanks! =] ]]
Click image for larger version

Name:	ry tank.jpg
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The tank is a standard ten gallon, lit by a single 36 in t8 6500k. A bit long, but it works. It also lights a bulb growing tank i set up, and a few bowls with mosses in them that are usually in front of the tank.
I feed em NLS .5 mm, even when thier little, cause once they grab one, they just carry it around!

I should take a video of feeding time..they are so cute!


My other 'fry' tank in my Bathroom Tank.
Yep its in my half bath, where i fill my water jugs, and drain my fish water. Its got alot of fish related stuff in it, and my Mother wont go in that bathroom anymore, because shes wierded out. Lol.

Anyways, This tank, as i said, was supposed to be an algae factory for my otos, just cause i wanted to see if i could do it, if i needed it, and was set up, with two of the wierdest guppies ive ever seen, more on them later if you guys want. =] ]
Then i won an RAOK, and got a riparium planter, with a plant named R. brittoniana, which i had planned on putting in the ten gallon, to help with water quality, but with the addition of the fry, i figured they could use the extra boost in the newer tank. Theres also a 'betta bowl' that has java moss clippigs growing out in it. The fry really like to hide in there...
The tank looks a bit shabby, but its serving a purpose right now..but that just means its time to start planning for what it looks like after these babies leave the tank!
Click image for larger version

Name:	bathroom tank.jpg
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And now for the Bedside Tank!
This bad boy has seen all sizes, starting with a .5 gal with a single ghost shrimp upgrading all the way up to its current size 15 gallons. =]
Its a trial and error tank, where i really tried planting, since things seemed to flourish! I took pictures of this tank at all sizes, and almost every rescape...Its the tank im most proud of, cause you can see how much ive improved in this hobby.

Lemme tell you the stats, before the pictures, so here we go:

Lighting: standard ten gallon hood, on glass top, two CFL bulbs, 13 watts each, said to be more medium than low light.
Substrate: standard black gravel, [thinking of making a beach area]
Ferts: Flourish Comprehensive Supplement, osmocote caps spaced along the glass. when scape is they way i want, ill be adding red clay caps for iron and dolomite/potash for potassium and calcium.

aponogeton undulatus
aponogeton Boivinianus , soon to be removing, its got spots!
Aponogeton distachyum
crinum calamastratum
rotala rotundifolia
banana plants
small sword plant
parrots feather
rotala red
ludwiga cuba
ludwiga repens
dwarf sag
red dwarf lily bulb

5x least killifish
5x 2-3 week old guppy fry
2x African Dwarf frog
2x RCS
Soon to add:
6x sparkling gourami
6x celestial pearl danios
and ill be gathering up a few more shrimp from my other tanks as well

and heres the FTS!
Click image for larger version

Name:	bedside fts better.jpg
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And one with the flash, it shows some parts better than the one without..
Click image for larger version

Name:	bedside fts flash.jpg
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And here are close ups of the tank:
Name:  bedside part 1.jpg
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thats the feeding dish, the frogs sure know what that is! you can see the spots on my boivinianus, which is why i gotta take him out. And in thelower let hand corner you can see my red dwarf lily bulb. =]
Name:  bedside part 2 flash.jpg
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My best plant, hands down. I love this Banana plant. =] Its leaves are huge! The tank is a foot tall! And ive just gotten the most beautiful lilly pad from it. You can also see my 'stripes' of foreground..dwarf sag in back then marsilea, and then im trying to get pennywort to sort of does, and i really like it, but it doesnt grow hardly. and its the only small leaves pennywort i have..lthe others are huge....
Name:  bedside part 3 flash.jpg
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Like the penny wort wrapped around my arch here! =]
Name:  bedside part 4 flash.jpg
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Heres one of the other Banana plants i have, next to what should be a growing repens x xarcuata forest.

Heres a few shots of the guys who live here, a shot of three least killies playing in the plants..if you can find em, kudos!
Click image for larger version

Name:	bedside least kilis ing the jungle 1`.jpg
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And of the frogs!
Name:  bedside frog hanging around.jpg
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Name:  bedside frog in a dish 1.jpg
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And that, guys, its the end of my tanks! for now...

I do have quite a few more things to post about, so keep reading! =]

50g, 45g, 15g, 10g, 2x2.5g, 2g bowl

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