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6.6 Gallon Bookshelf tank journal

I Decided to start a journal on this tank since im going to take my time. I bought this tank used from a member on the forum and it was suppose to be for my girlfriend's dwarf puffer fish, but since she is happy with the 10 gallon then im going to turn it into a CRS or PFR shrimp tank.
Originally i was going to turn the tank into a Iwagumi tank , and i have some perfect rock for the job but whilst looking for the rock today i came across a great piece of driftwood that fits perfect for this tank.
The driftwood is soaking in a Vinegar/water mix at the moment, tomorrow i will soak it in a Hydrogen Peroxide bath before finally scrubbing it with a brush and then throwing it in the dishwasher (when my girlfriend is at work)
The tank will go through a dry start for maybe 4-5 weeks to help the plants root and hopefully grow fuller
Tank: 6.6 gallon
Substrate : Pool filter sand with O+ tabs
Lighting:24" Finnex
C02: Paintball setup
Plants:HC, Fissiden, Ludwiga Red, Hygro. A


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