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Originally Posted by plantednano View Post
Thank you for keeping track
This was with it left plugged in for that entire period? That is pretty much exactly what im looking for.

Do you happen to know what brand it is?
It was plugged in the whole time; and I'm not sure of the brand. It's quite distinctive, though--flat and round, black. Might be a Petco brand. It was actually gifted to me as a thank-you present. I'll keep it for my quarentine tank when I need it, but I'll be upgrading to a better heater before I move Pearlicus in.

Updating on the tank; my water lily sprouted finally, so I stuck that in there; we'll see how it goes. And I spent five minutes subtly poking and stirring at the sand, getting bubble pockets out. The snail has cleaned up most of the reddish algae that was all over some things, but the blue pebbles are discoloring, and I don't think it's algae. Might be, but the snail isn't taking care of it. So I might be scooping that out and replacing it with either white sand or small natural-colored gravel. I liked the blue, but if it isn't going to work, it isn't going to work :/

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