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Well, the deed is done, here are the results.

1. Removed filter floss and seachem matrix from HOB filter.
2. Disconnected CO2 from powerhead.
3. Added 200ml of H2O2 trough HOB filter.

Everything was going good. About 5 min in the larger of the ramshorn snails fell off the front glass and retreated into his shell. Neon Tetras and rasboras were acting perfectly normal. Amano shrimp were doing their thing as well. 10 min in Tetras are still schooling well and acting normal and rasboras kinda hanging out up top, still no movement from the ramshorns, Amano shrimp start to become more active (i wouldn't say stressed, just moving around a bit more than normal). I terminate treatment at 15 min and nothing has changed from the 10 min mark.

4. Performed a 50% WC.
5. Waited 30 min and added 20ml of excel (never dosed before)
6. Ran filter and powerhead in same condition as above for 1 1/2 hour while i step out for a bite to eat.
7. Replaced filter floss and re installed bag of Matrix into filter.
8. Added 1 tsp of Acurel F and Boom!

I added the Acurel thinking it would be better to have the dead algae in the filter floss where i could dispose of it rather than having it decompose in the tank. After 30 min the water is much more clear than it has been in a long time and the filter floss is filthy. I will probably replace the floss again later tonight. One thing worth mentioning is after the dose of Acurel F, as the water cleared, my neon tetras all shot into the DHG and buried themselves. At first i thought they had all lost their mind but then i realized that they had been at the bottom of a very dark and murky aquarium for the last two weeks. I am thinking that the light is much brighter and they are hiding from it. Here are a couple pictures, i have not cleaned the glass yet and i plan on doing so tomorrow when i set up my new canister filter. Thank you darkcobra for taking the time to develop this method and if nothing changes it was very successful.

Sorry, i realized i had not taken any pictures during the WC.

And the finished product before a good cleaning.

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