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I decided that I am going to have to put a back on the canopy. It lets out too much of the light. By doing that, it will allow me to hide all of the lighting guts, and use the grommets that were included in the AHS lights.

I am totally digging the moon lights. What a COOL way to light your tank. I would have taken pics of the tank with the 96'rs on, but it amplified the dust that the tank has gathered while we have been working on this build. It was funny, I had the wife, help me put the canopy on the tank, and then I turned it on and thought, OMG, the tank is filthy! The lights are going to be great!

Oh btw, what does everyone use for timers? I want something that I can mount in the canopy. I was looking at some of those timers that were digital. The ones that can control your wave makers, sorry cant remember the manufacturer off the top of my head.

I think if I did that, it would clean up the install quite a bit.

Anyway, the next step is finishing the plumbing, attaching the overflow covers and installing the CO2 equipment when it arrives. I have got to install some electrical outlets in the base yet. I plan on doing that tonight, along with the pump / plumbing.


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