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Two water changes later and the hardness is starting to drop down, although I did add a small amount of epsom salt. I also sucked it up and got an algae scraper for the tank. Didn't realize how much algae had grown over the glass :p


I trimmed the stunted tips of the rotala wallichi, and now it's branching out. The new shoots are looking promising

The new crypt leaves are deformed with dark veins. Hopefully the epsom salt will help correct that...

I'm not at all sure what kind of marselia this is. The newest leaves are HUGE. It's also leaping the driftwood, tenacious stuff!

Powerheads are not nice to snails. This dude is almost entirely out of his shell. No fish to pick him off yet...

Large pond snail chowing down on the biofilm at the surface. He's on top of the Hygro brown (leaves were really brown when I got it, new leaves are very green).

And the parting shot. Check out all the freaking bubbles!

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