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OK, so I’ve done some more research, re-read the threads and I have another question:

On the basic set up, water exits tank, runs through the filter, gets injected with C02 either immediately before entering the reactor or Co2 is fed into the reactor through a hole in the top. Water and Co2 mix in the reactor and are then returned to the tank.

Some people have problems with this system in that bubbles still appear. This seems to happen when the gph volume is over +/- 150gph but there seem to be other reasons too.

Why not put an “inline” diffuser (Eg: Atomic) before the reactor?

One benefit to this is that the diffuser arrives as a kit (eg: ready to install on 16/22mm pipe if use Eheimand (I think) two other sizes) and it is probably easier to put it inline than it is to find the parts and make up a “T” that fits.

Wouldn’t this make the reactor even more effective at eliminating visible bubbles?
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