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I haven't updated in a while because I was busy during the holidays, and then I had finals. The tank is doing much better now, I built a custom regulator and tweaked my EI doses. I had trouble with stag horn and treated it with H2O2. It killed my algae and 8 of my fish. In a few weeks I will buy 13 more embers and 3 otos.

I would like a recommendation on my problem with the mag drive (see post above) and co2 diffuser problems. Neither of my atomic diffusers work anymore so I have been using a cheap diffuser. I would like to set up a cerges reactor, but since my flow is at 66 gph I don't want to reduce it at all. I also found this (Jaqno co2 reactor) reactor I could buy, but I don't know if it is any good. Any co2/pump increase recommendations would be great.


Co2 Regulator

Jaqno co2 reactor instead of cerges? Would it reduce flow?
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