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Well, the Hydor showed up last night, so it looks like I probably won't spring for the G3 immediately. The flow from the Hydor seems to be OK, but I did have trouble getting the pump to start. The impeller kept sticking when I switched off the pump and I would have to shut everything down, open the canister, fiddle with the impeller, close everything up and try again. Sometimes 4-5 times. I don't know that I am going to trust this thing when I have fish and/or shrimp in the tank.

I spent last evening and this morning making inflow and outflow pipes. The lily pipe I have on there now is temporary. I didn't like the radius of the bend on this one, so I made another and packed the pipe with sand as I bent it, giving me much better bends at the cost of a bit of "orange peel" finish on the inside. I am happy however that I can get the little vortex from a DIY lily pipe:

I also bent some glass pipettes to use for my CO2 to keep the bend radius small without kinking the hose:

I have been waiting for the roots to settle in before I moved the tank to work. I think they're doing well:

Here's a shot of the tank with the new filter.

And the obligatory FTS (I think I'm going to have to trade the diffuser out for a nice unobtrusive pollen glass or something):

I am extremely happy with how fast the glosso is filling in. The narrow leaf micro-sword looks like it's more algae than plant. The blyxa is very dark. Some of it was floating in my 40b right below the lights and it started turning red, but I thought that would go away...
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