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Is this tank stand going to collapse?

I might just be paranoid, but lately I have been worrying about my tank stand collapsing. The tank has been up for more than two years without a problem, but what if...?

I was extremely skeptical of the particle board stands I saw at all the chain stores, so I opted to use a wooden table. It is, in fact, the exact same style of table a friend used for a tank stand for years, and no, his never collapsed (yes, you think this would reassure me, but no, it does not). Here it is:

It's a solid wood console table from World Market. I think the wood is from a rubber tree. I have a 30 gallon long acrylic tank sitting on top of it, which should be about 250#? 260#? My concern is not that it will immediately collapse, because it obviously hasn't, but that after years of holding all of that weight it will one day fail. Catastrophically. My floors are old, uneven hardwood and I have never been able to get the tank 100% level. And I live on the second floor, above the owners of the house, so if this stand collapses and dumps 30 gallons of water...I am screwed in so many ways.

Has anyone used a table like this successfully? And if this is a bad idea, what should I try instead?
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