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Originally Posted by Mahlady View Post
What "would" change the amount of light in my tank? I have seen no growth, the tank looks dark, and not sure if light is my problem, or my hard water. (unable to test gh/kh atm-gotta buy a kit on the 1st)
Adding an additional bulb would increase the amount of light you have (and would eliminate dark spots as well).

Originally Posted by Mahlady View Post
I am feeling a little distressed, it has been since 12/20, and the only new growth I have are, 1 leaf on an Anubas, New roots on my Swords near the top leaves...
That rate of growth sounds about right for Anbuias spp. They tend to be extremely slow growers.

Are you sure you have an Amazon Sword? Roots from the tops of leaves does not sound like any Amazon Sword I know.


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