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Back at PetCo yesterday. I just set up a tank with an internal overflow standpipe, which I disguised by painting it black, slathering it in caulk, and rolling it in peat moss, with the idea that it would be colonized with plants like any other branch. So I stopped by PetCo just to see what plants they might have in stock that could fit the bill. They had 'moss balls' for $6, appeared to be mostly clado with some sprigs of Java. And they had these interesting things called 'mossy vines', some sort of flexible hose with Java moss growing in a fiber matrix on the outside, for $4. So I got one of those, and it actually looks quite nice snaking up and around the standpipe. Anyway, as the employee is bagging it up, she asks me if I have any plant food. I decide to play dumb and say I have fish that poop. She assures me that the plant on the vine cannot survive without supplemental plant food. Java moss! Ha! I've grown that stuff in a teacup on the windowsill with nothing but topoff. Ah well, can't blame them (too much) for trying to make a sale.
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