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Yesterday I noticed some (very few) white spots on my female German Ram's tail. I'm assuming she has been an asymptomatic carrier until now. After Careful inspection I see one small white spot on a cardinal tetra fin, 3-4 white spots on the female's tail, and 0-1 white spots on a male ram fin. I'm glad I caught this really early since it lets me use more gentle treatments.

I dosed Kordon Ich-Attack at 200% yesterday and added 1 teaspoon salt / 10 gallons. This morning I did a 100% Ich-Attack dose and plan to do 100% every morning and evening. Raising Temp from 77.5 to 81 to speed the life cycle. I don't think my heater has enough oomph to get the tank to 86 and the cories wouldn't like it anyways....

Day 1: (this morning) I don't see any more white spots than yesterday. The cardinal's fin actually looks better with the spot being less pronounced. Fish health is still A+ I see no signs of listlessness etc other than the female ram being as thin/poorly colored as always.
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