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Ok, I read this-Slowly-about 3 times Yesterday and still couldn't quite get it....

I think I get it now-Finally! If so, this really is Ingenious!

So let me be sure I'm understanding this:

What happens is that when the pump is off the fluid level inside the tubing equalizes with that inside the jar. When the pump turns on, the fluid is pushed up the tubing and into the tank by the pressurized air (it burbles like an espresso machine). The pressure in the tubing also bubbles out the inlet hole and prevents more fluid from entering the tube. Once the fluid has been pumped into the tank, air flows through the tubing until the pump turns off.
Basically, the perforation in the Tee is to allow the tubing to "Refill" after an injection, and also creates outward air pressure--keeping any more fluid from entering the tubing until after the injection cycle is complete. And the perforation in the Top is to prevent air-pressure build up inside the container which might force fluid into the tubing during injection. Is that Correct?

That's Really Cool......

This could be built out of 3"-4" PVC and the "Bottle" on top also-Capped with a screw on drain plug for access.
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