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Confused journey of another nano

Originally Posted by l8nite View Post
After dreaming about your tank all night long I ordered one today. How am I going to explain this to my wife...

I have a spare Finnex Ray 2 DS 24" light... I was kind of hoping for a 24" long tank to put it on though.

I see that Deep Blue makes a 12x6x6 tank. Maybe I'll put two of them end-to-end and make two different scapes...

Uggggh I don't have time for this!
LOL welcome to the DBP club. It is vast and glorious :p.

This is 18", so I'm assuming suspended, it'd work over this. Or you could do the 2 next to each other.

I will say since these are so squat, you have to be careful about lighting. It is easy to put too much lighting on the tanks.

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