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My current plan should give me all the time in the world to worry about it thankfully. I'm going to set up and cycle/plant a tank in the bedroom, move the fish from the 29g in the living room into that tank, change the gravel in the 29g to SafeTSorb and plant that one, and move the barbs back to the 29g while leaving a catfish and shark in the 55/75g tank as the first permanent members of that tank.

At that point I'll be moving the gravel and any leftover SafeTSorb into the 55 gallon tank setup in the office and using it as a Pleco/Cichlid tank. So that's probably 6 months off at least.

Also, I'm heading over tomorrow night to look at the CL tank I posted, so I'm really hoping I like it!

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29g Journal:
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