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First Time Aquascape, First Time Post [2/8/2014]

Hiya! My name is Stef, and this is my first time posting, and I'm posting a first time aquascape attempt.

You might not know me, but I'm a bit familiar with this site, as I live with Darkcobra, and follow some of y'alls aqua adventures. He's more into the chemical side of the planted tanks, and helps me to actually be able to see into the tanks. I'm all about the fishies.

Anyway, here's my first attempt on a 10 gallon guppy fry grow out tank. I did not foresee the floating nature of the woods, and after much experimenting (and hissy fits) and help of my tackle box and medicine cabinet, I got the @%#*@#* stuff to sink until it gets waterlogged and sinks on its own. There are rocks rubberbanded to the driftwood, along with an assortment of lead free sinkers and spiderwire fishing line.

The only future changes I would make are substituting the wisteria on the manzanita branch with petite anubias.

I call it "Moonlight Garden". Viewed from underneath the gravel-"Moonlight Hell."


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