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I had to read this a couple times to figure out what exactly is going on here... But it does make sense and sounds like a good idea. One idea I have to alleviate the problem of the reduction of the fluid - How about using a plastic container, and drill the side of it near the bottom of the container for one of those airline bulkheads? that way, ALL of the tubing is submerged, and it wouldn't matter till the container was near empty.

May have to try something like this when I get the 125 set up, since I won't be dosing only Flourish in that tank....

EDIT: Crap, now that I think about it, I'm not sure that would work. Seeing as how any tube that is uder the water level will get filled, that's a no go. Unless of course you used a 2nd air pump in a similar fashion on the other side running at all times that the pumping air pump isn't on just to keep enough pressure to keep the liquid back...the remainder of the ir could go wherever you please....ah hell, I'm just rambling now....

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