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Guppy fry

Hey I'm in Richmond, I know that's not real close to where you are at but I had some a female guppy a while back that had some babies and my boyfriend has been raising them for me because I didn't have a place for them. Some are still pretty small but they're some that are pretty big and you can already see their colors coming out. They look like they're going to be really pretty guppies once they get full grown. We've asked LFS, Petsmart, and they won't take them even if we were going to give them away. I don't know if it's too late but if you're interested in some really healthy guppies either now or later when they get more mature, let me know. I'm trying to find a good home for them and I'm not having much luck. I can get you pictures later on today, tomorrow at the latest. I only have about maybe 10 left if not less. There was some that didn't make it but they had spinal deformities but the rest are in good health. If you're still looking let me know, you can either email me or pm me here.
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