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from what i have been able to tell, it takes a few weeks before the plants start changing the way they grow. at some point they get stuck in a vegetative state where they constantly grow, usually in slightly different ways than they do with a normal photoperiod.
for instance, a plant that normally grows very dense leaf clusters will grow incredibly leggy, or vice versa.

anyway, i have been lazy with taking pics of the tank because i have neglected it to the point where i couldnt see clearly through the front glass.

before i cleaned the glass, before the massive trimming.

after i cleaned the front and after the massive trimming.

this is the tank on november 25th. it was still recovering from the move across the country.

september 23, right after i filled it back up with water after the move.

the day before the move:

during the move. had i room to turn the tank sideways, i would have been able to save more of the plants i think...

just before the move, at the beginning of october:

the lights are just 48 inch dual bulb shop lights from walmart. there are two of them on the tank, for a total of 4 bulbs.
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